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MOM has one goal- To help more Wyandotte County babies celebrate their first birthday!

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Healthy mothers, healthy babies!

 Who .Through a joint effort of the University of Kansas Family Medicine Department, and Southwest Boulevard Family Health Care, we are creating a prenatal and delivery organization aimed at two objectives:
  • To promote and deliver the highest quality medical care services for mothers and their children in Wyandotte County.
  • To train Family Medicine Resident Physicians in the clinical care of mothers and young children. 


What.Maternal Options that Matter will provide fiscal and operational support for exemplary outpatient prenatal care and deliveries for women who reside in Wyandotte County, Kansas. MOM will maintain a teaching environment to enable the training of family physicians (including fellows with an emphasis on family medicine obstetrics). By developing and utilizing research in best practices, MOM will maintain a high quality of services aimed at a healthier County. The in-patient care will be provided by family medicine residents and their faculty with strong support of obstetrics specialists and ancillary staff.  


Why.The State of Kansas and Wyandotte County have significant gaps in providing optimal outcomes for mothers and babies.
  • Kansas ranks at the bottom of the 50 states for infant deaths among black mothers.
  • Kansas is 40 for overall infant deaths.
  • Wyandotte County has a greater infant mortality rate than the State average (per 1,000 live births.)       

Effectively caring for mothers and their children in the most concentrated pocket of poverty in the State of Kansas requires expertise in handling the direct medical needs and complex social conditions of the population served. MOM will directly impact the following:   

 Increase the number and proportion of deliveries in Wyandotte County to mothers residing in Wyandotte County.

Lower the infant mortality rate in Wyandotte County, Kansas through proven interventions-

  • Preconception education

     Increased maternal folic acid use   Optimal birth spacing   Improved care and education between births

  • Optimal Prenatal Care

     Early (1st trimester) start of prenatal care Reduced maternal alcohol, tobacco, or illegal drug use Appropriate prenatal weight gain and nutrition Increased care and support for high-risk pregnancies and deliveries

  • Postpartum Care and Education

     Safe sleep position and safe sleep environments for infant  Adequately immunized mothers and infants  Increased breastfeeding  Social supports to improve mental health  Parenting instruction and support  


How.Through an established non-profit corporation the MOM project will collaborate with stake-holders and contract with specific entities to provide the services necessary to meet the goals. This will include contracts with the University of Kansas Family Medicine Department, Kansas University Health Partners and others. Funding through educational grants as well as service grants will be utilized to supplement fees from patients and third-party providers. 

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