Health Options that Matter of Kansas City

Why- statistics

These are the numbers that explain the reasons for MOM

The National Center for Vital Statistics ranks Kansas the worst state in mortality rate of black infants.

Rank #50- Kansas recorded 19.6 deaths per 1,000 births among blacks; the national average is 13.2 deaths.

Rank #40- Kansas ranks in the bottom 10 for overall infant mortality.

Sunday, May 1, 2011 Wichita Eagle


The infant mortality rate in Wyandotte is higher than the State rate (per 1,000 births)


MOM's goal is to help more Wyandotte babies celebrate their first birthday. 

No more negative headlines! MOM utilizes promising and proven interventions to improve prenatal and delivery outcomes in Wyandotte County.
n  Preconception education¨ Well woman examinations¨ Increased maternal folic acid use (PN vits)¨ Optimal birth spacing encouragement¨ Improved care and education between births¨ Social services assessments and support
nOptimal Prenatal Care (Family-centered, peer-supported)¨ Early (1st trimester) start of prenatal care¨ Reduce maternal alcohol, tobacco, or illegal drug use¨ Appropriate prenatal weight gain and nutrition¨ Dental evaluations and treatment¨ Exercise and nutrition information/classes¨ Direct care for appropriate risk level pregnant women¨ Assessment and referrals for high risk pregnant women
n  Delivery of patients at KU Hospital & Medical Center L&D
n  Well child examinations
n  Postpartum Care and Educationn  Safe sleep position and safe sleep environments for infant n  Adequately immunized mothers and infants n  Increased breastfeeding n  Social supports to improve mental health n  Parenting instruction and support

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